Advanced Cybersecurity Fueled by Behavioral Analytics

VMware Carbon Black Cloud™ is a cloud native endpoint, workload, and container protection platform that combines the intelligent system hardening and behavioral prevention needed to keep emerging threats at bay, using a single lightweight agent and an easy-to-use console. By analyzing more than 1 trillion security events per day, VMware Carbon Black Cloud proactively uncovers attackers’ behavior patterns and empowers defenders to detect and stop emerging attacks. As a key means to realizing intrinsic security, VMware Carbon Black Cloud simplifies and strengthens your approach to security across any app, any cloud, and any device.

VMware Carbon Black Cloud™ Endpoint Protection

Consolidate multiple endpoint security capabilities, operate faster and more effectively with a single, cloud native platform.


Endpoint Standard

Next-Generation Antivirus and Behavioral EDR


Managed Detection

Managed Alert Monitoring and Triage


Audit and Remediation

Real-time Device Assessment and Remediation


Enterprise Endpoint Detection & Response

Threat Hunting and Containment


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